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This project began with programming, space needs analysis and future needs planning. The resulting project included the remodel and addition of the family owned Glenwood State Bank in its original Glenwood location. The addition was possible when an adjacent retail space became available. This piece was torn down to make way for the current corner portion of the facility.  


This facility had not been updated since the 80’s and was due for a remodel to suit today’s banking needs and aesthetic. Throughout the design process, careful attention was paid to how the clients and employees would use the facility.  Every detail was careful considered to meet everyone’s need and to provide flexibility for the future.


3D imaging was used throughout the design process to simulate the new structure in the downtown fabric and to ensure it would be a desired addition to the community. Design intent for the interior was also illustrated through visual imaging allowing the client to experience their space before actual construction began.


Located on the corner of the two main streets in Glenwood this building will stand as a beautiful landmark in its lakeside community for generations to come.

“Easy to work with.  Good listener.  Organized.  Very capable/well qualified to do the job.  Enthusiastic.  Committed to the project and made us feel as though our project was important.  Didn't get moved to the back burner!”

- Kirsten Nelson, Director, Glenwood State Bank

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